Berries for Birds

Berries that are good to grow for birds

LEARN & APPLY  Native plants listed here were specifically chosen for their ability to attract and nourish local bird populations. Species were selected based on timing of flowering and fruiting, and nutrient content of fruit, as well as suitability for providing cover. In addition, all of the plants used are host plants for caterpillars, making […]

Keystone Plants for Butterflies and Moths

Plants that are beneficial for Lepidoptera

Keystone Plants Keystone plants, a term brought into common use by Dr. Douglas Tallamy, refers to those most productive native plants that serve as host plants for the caterpillars of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), and thus provide the foundation of our entire food web. did you know? Caterpillars of most Lepidoptera require specific native host […]

Native Plant Alternatives

Acer Saccarum Sugar Maple

recommended alternatives to exotic invasive plants  Native plants listed in the right hand column beautify landscapes and serve as environmentally friendly alternatives to the over-used, non-native and invasive species listed on the left. Using these native species  (as well as many other native species) as substitutes for exotic, invasive species is critical to maintaining the […]

Native Plants for Bees

Attractive plant for bees

LEARN & APPLY Many of our bees require specialized sources of pollen in addition to nectar.  Native plants that can provide for these specialists are listed here by Genus, simply because there are so many to choose from.  As with the keystone list, if you choose one or more native species from this Genus list, […]