FLYING TRILLIUM Gardens and Preserve

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Flying Trillium is a haven in the Catskill Mountains, NY, with an array of demonstration gardens showcasing northeastern native flora. In addition to the gardens, we manage various natural area preserves, protecting the diversity and ecological value of native plants and the wildlife they support.  Come to experience the beauty and draw inspiration for your own home landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

At FTGP, we use the geographic boundaries as defined in the classic botanical reference book: A Manual of Vascular Plants of the Northeastern United States, by Gleason and Cronquist, NYBG.

A native (indigenous) plant is one that evolved over millennia in the same habitat in which it is currently found.

Kettle hole bog systems formed when a glacier left behind immense chunks of ice, sometimes form concentric rings of vegetation, from taller shrubs on the outermost edge, then shorter shrubs, to the center of the bog where a floating mat of mosses is carpeted by the lowest-growing plants – the cranberries, pitcher plants and meadows.