Book by Carolyn Summers

Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East by Carolyn Summers

Flying Trillium Gardens and Preserve is located in the southern Catskill Mountains in Sullivan County, NY. The gardens are an ongoing work by author, teacher, and landscape designer, Carolyn Summers. Throughout her career, Carolyn has been acutely aware of the need for clients, DIY homeowners, and designers to be able to see how lovely native plants are when used in garden settings.

The Catskills - mostly in a Zone 5 climate - makes an excellent test for fitness and hardiness. In addition to managed gardens, large areas of the property are preserved to protect native flora in their natural habitats, along with the wildlife that depend on them.

We invite you to come and experience the beauty, diversity and sustainability of our native flora for yourself. Our goal is for you to leave inspired to plant more of the same. Make an appointment today by email or calling 845.292.6424 to view the garden in person!



Flying Trillium Gardens and Preserve includes over 300 trees and shrubs native to the northeast, including unusual cultivated varieties, hybrids and over 75 dwarf selections of our native conifers. Beginning in 2000, Flying Trillium has been assembling a complete collection of trees native to the greater Catskills region. Tour the demonstration gardens to see how to integrate plants into your landscape. Check out the Garden Gallery for more photos!

Azalea Collection
Water Gardens
Forest Garden
Antique Apples
Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
Dwarf Conifer Display Gardens
Designed Meadows
Berries for Birds
Butterfly Borders


The nature preserve is over 385 acres with natural forest, meadow and aquatic plant communities, including a rare kettle hole bog. Almost a third of the trees native to New York occur here naturally. The preserve showcases indigenous plants in their native environment. Mimicking the same conditions in your landscape will ensure healthier plant communities in your garden. Check out the Garden Gallery for more photos!

Farm, Forest & Lake
Kettle Hole Bog
Hemlock Ravine
Blueberry Barrens
Ephemeral Ponds
Natural Meadows
Northern Hardwoods
Successional Shrubland



Please see photo galleries.  More information to come.

Caterpillars and Their Butterflies
Resident Reptiles & Amphibians

Open Garden Days

June 5, 6, 12, 13