Native Plant Gardens

Our Gardens use native plants in traditional garden settings, such as perennial beds and borders, as well as meadows, rain gardens, and shaded woodland gardens. and are presented as models for home landscapes. The Gardens also include over 300 trees and shrubs native to the northeast, including unusual cultivated varieties, hybrids and over 75 dwarf selections of our native conifers. 

Azalea Collection

Photos from our collection of more than 100 varieties of native azaleas.

Water Gardens

Our water gardens range from a newly-dug pond to shallow watering holes for the former residents (dairy cows) that we have repurposed for water lilies and other flowers, turtles, frogs and salamanders.

Forest Garden

The Forest Garden was begun in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which ripped out a swath of our hemlock forest near the cabin. This created enough of an opening to enable us to enlarge the area protected by the deer fence and to create a much larger shade garden with more room for trilliums and spring ephemerals.

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Native trees and shrubs of the Northeast, and their cultivated varieties, can be found throughout the Gardens.

Dwarf Conifer Display Gardens

Visit our Dwarf and Ornamental Conifer gardens showcasing over 150 strangely different varieties of our native conifers.

Designed Meadows

The meadows in this gallery include successional hayfields to which we have opportunistically added native wildflowers, as well as those similar to the E. lupine meadow, where we were able to seed onto bare ground. Hence the use of the descriptions "augmented" and "designed."

Berries for Birds

Birds feast year round at this hedgerow that features a varied mix of native shrubs and trees designed to provide a continuous source of berries and other food and shelter throughout all seasons.

Butterfly Borders

Our colorful perennial borders attract native pollinators such as Monarch butterflies, wood nymphs, hummingbirds and bees.