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deer pergola

This deer fence is built as a pergola, providing extra protection and a nice place to walk.

Carolyn Summers with wheelbarrow

Photo taken by Sarah Westrich

Over twenty years ago, Carolyn Summers and David Brittenham acquired a very special abandoned farm located in the southern Catskill Mountains in Sullivan County, NY.

Carolyn established a series of demonstration gardens full of northeastern native trees, shrubs and perennials to complement her work as a writer, teacher and landscape designer.

Flying Trillium, named to honor the lovely red and white trilliums that naturally grace sections of the forest, now manages the beautiful gardens that Carolyn put in place so many years ago.  Over time, the lands managed by Flying Trillium have expanded to nearby properties that include preserved natural areas.

We invite you to come and experience the beauty, diversity and ecological value of  our northeastern native flora, and the fauna that depend on them, for yourself. We hope you leave inspired to see how native plants can enhance your landscaping and bring pollinators into your home garden!


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