“Digging Deeper: Native Plants in the Garden”

Attractive plant for bees

Native Plants in the Garden with Carolyn Summers, Executive Director, Flying Trillium Gardens and Preserve, Inc. Saturday, June 1 | 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Flying Trillium Gardens and Preserve | Liberty, NY Despite the recent buzz about the importance of native plants for pollinators and other wildlife, many gardeners remain unfamiliar with their wide […]

Your Garden is a Home (Habitat)” at the Flower & Garden Expo

Your Garden is a Home (Habitat)” at the Flower & Garden Expo Kate Brittenham and Carolyn Summers (Flying Trillium Gardens & Preserve) present “Your Garden is a Home (Habitat).” Traditional gardens and home landscapes have long been seen simply as spaces of beauty and respite—not of their value as habitat. Our home landscapes are important […]

Webinars: “Easy Native Trees and Easy Native Shrubs For Your Yard:

Lindera Benzoin

The Village of Ardsley, NY and Ardsley Pollinator Pathway present: Easy Native Trees For Your Yard Event Date: Thursday, February 1, 2024 – 7:30pm to 8:30pm We are thrilled to have nationally renowned landscape designer and native plant expert Carolyn Summers present easy native trees and shrubs for your yard. There is a native tree […]

Reptiles & Amphibians

Caterpillars and Their Butterflies

More info to come. This green frog, Rana clamitans, sports unusual colors. wood turtles are becoming rare. Two-lined salamanders require cool clean waters and serve as good indicators of water quality. Spring salamander, Grinophilus porphyriticus, released back to the stream after I. D. and photo documentation. Here is a brightly colored red eft, the juvenile […]

Bird Visitors

yellowthroat or warbler

Between the gardens and the preserve, FTGP supports a wealth of varied habitats that, in turn, support many different species of birds.  We are graced with the presence of neotropical migrants using meadows, marshes and forests for resting and refueling.  Some of these songbirds remain during the entire breeding season.  Year-round residents winter over with […]

Why Aren’t These Plants in Every Garden? Three Great Plants to Know and Grow

Throughout her career working with people, plants, and landscapes, author/designer and gardener extraordinaire Carolyn Summers has often been puzzled by the lack of interest in certain plants that she finds exceptionally useful. These plants bridge the gap that sometimes exists between what humans want and what wildlife needs. Carolyn introduces us to three underused plants […]

Caterpillars and Their Butterflies

Caterpillars and Their Butterflies

This gallery pairs photos of some common caterpillars on their respective host plants with photos of the adult butterfly.  Without providing native host plants, we would not be able to support reproducing populations of these lovely creatures.  (All photos taken by Carolyn onsite at Flying Trillium Gardens and Preserve. ) This Spicebush Swallowtail caterpillar is […]

Podcast: “Native-Plant Gardening with Carolyn Summers”

Hello Gardeners! I’m writing to introduce this amazing series of podcasts from my friend and former student Nicole Asquith. Her background is varied and interesting. but not horticulturally based, yet she is one of the least “plant blind” people I have known. Not surprising, because if you listen to her, you will find that she […]