Berries for Birds

Plant List: Berries for Birds Hedge

This hedge was planted in 1999 over the area disturbed for the underground power line to our cabin and bisects the hay field.  In addition to marking the line, it presented an opportunity for a wide variety of food and cover for birds.  The plants used are listed below.  They flower and set fruit at varying times of the growing season, and some hold fruit right through winter.  The hedge is fenced to protect the plants from deer browse.  Visually, the hedge is an undulating form with lower masses interrupted by trees for perching and cover, quite unlike a typical hedge made up of one single species.  The hedge has been successful in attracting a wide variety of birds, including some of our declining grassland species and provides food at all times of the year.

Acer saccharinum,
Silver maple
Amelanchier canadensis, Juneberry
Aronia arbutifolia, Red chokeberry
Aronia melanocarpa ‘Nero’, Black chokeberry

Hickories (Carya):
Carya cordiformis, Bitternut hickory
C. laciniosa, Shellbark hickory
C. laciniosa x illinoensis
C. tomentosa, Mockernut hickory

Castanea dentata, American chestnut

Shrub dogwoods (Cornus):
Cornus alternifolia, Pagoda dogwood
C. amomum, Silky dogwood
C. racemosa, Gray dogwood
C. sericea [alba ssp.stolonifera], Red twig dogwood

Corylus americana, American hazelnut

Crateagus mollis ‘Homestead’, Downy hawthorn

Ilex verticillata 'Winter Red',  Winterberry [Female]

Juniperus virginiana, Eastern red-cedar [Female]

Nyssa sylvatica, Tupelo

Prunus americana, American plum
Prunus serotina, Black cherry
Prunus virginiana ‘Garrington’, Chokecherry

Oaks (Quercus)
Quercus x bebbiana (alba x macrocarpa) ‘Ecos’
Q. x schuettii (bicolor x macrocarpa) ‘Ecos’
Q. bicolor, Swamp white oak
Q. x jackiana (bicolor x alba)
Q. rubra, Red oak

Rhus glabra, Smooth sumac
Rhus typhina ‘Tiger Eyes’, Staghorn sumac

Rubus spp.

Thuja occidentalis, Arborvitae

Viburnum cassinoides, Wild raisin
V. dentatum, Arrowwood
V. lentago, Nannyberry
V. nudum, Possum-haw
V. prunifolium, Plumleaf viburnum
V. trilobum, American cranberrybush

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