Attractive to Bees


Bumblebees (Bombus sp.) like other indigenous bees, are four times more likely to take nectar and pollen from indigenous plants than from non-native plants?

Below is a list of plants you can add to your landscape to attract native bees:




Archtostaphylos uva-ursi Bearberry
Asclepsis spp.   Milkweed
Aster spp.   Asters
Coreopsis spp.   Tickseed
Erigeron spp.   Daisy Fleabane
Helinathus spp.   Sunflower
Penstemon spp.   Beardtongues
Phacelia spp.   Blue Curls
Prunus spp.   Cherry, Plum
Pycanthemum spp.   Mountain mint
Rhus spp.   Sumac
Rubus spp.   Brambles
Senecio spp.   Golden Groundsel
Vaccinium spp.   Blueberries

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