Berries for Birds

Berries for birds

Birds feast year round at this hedgerow that features a varied mix of native shrubs and trees designed to provide a continuous source of berries and other food and shelter throughout all seasons. Downy hawthorn, Crateagus mollis, in full bloom, attracts pollinators in spring. Seen from the hayfield, the bird berry hedge makes a loose, […]

Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Our water gardens range from a newly-dug pond to shallow watering holes for the former residents (dairy cows) that we have repurposed for water lilies and other flowers, turtles, frogs and salamanders. Native irises peak in June. Clethra alnifolia, sweet pepperbush, perfumes the late summer air. This shaded bench overlooks steeplebush, Spiraea tomentosa, and Joe-pye. […]

Forest Garden


The Forest Garden was begun in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which ripped out a swath of our hemlock forest near the cabin.  This created enough of an opening to enable us to enlarge the area protected by the deer fence and to create a much larger shade garden. This clump of double-blooming bloodroot makes […]

Antique Apples

Antique apples

While there are native species of crabapples, the trees that produce edible apples are not. They are useful, however, for native insects as host plants and, of course, for nectar.  Our black bears like them, too.  The older “antique” apple trees are still producing, and we have planted additional heritage varieties. Barring a late frost, […]

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Close-up of Carolina Silverbell blossoms

Native trees and shrubs of the Northeast, and their cultivated varieties, can be found throughout the Gardens.   This is the lovely golden form of our native hoptree, Ptelea trifoliata ‘Aurea’. This young tupelo, Nyssa sylvatica, already provides a stunning splash of scarlet in the autumn landscape. Note the browse line, as the driveway is […]

Dwarf Conifer Display Gardens

Opus Pinus

Visit our dwarf conifer gardens showcasing over 150 strangely different varieties of our native conifers. Black spruce, Picea mariana ‘HB’ and white spruce, P. glauca ‘Sanders Blue,’ with immature dwarf cone and bun forms grow slowly into a fairy grove. Common junipers: Juniperus communis depressa aurea and Nova Scotia strain Common juniper, Juniperus communis ‘Hibernica […]

Designed Meadows

Lupinus perennis

The meadows in this gallery include successional hayfields to which we have opportunistically added native wildflowers, as well as those similar to the E. lupine meadow, where we were able to seed onto bare ground.  Hence the use of the descriptions “augmented” and “designed.” The Lupine Meadow usually blooms from late May to mid-June. Blue […]

Azalea Collection


Photos from the collection of more than 100 varieties of native azaleas. Rhododendron vaseyi ‘Spring Rainbow’ ‘Tellico’ ‘Wise Decision’ ‘July Jester’ ‘Late Date’ ‘In Memory of Fred Galle’ Rhododendron canadense ‘When Dreams Come True’ providing nectar for this hummingbird moth Rhododendron flammeum Rhododendron arborescens ‘White Lightning’ Rhododendron arborescens ‘Double Deal’ Rhododendron prinophyllum grows wild in […]

Butterfly Borders

Turk's cap lily (Lilium superbum)

Our colorful perennial borders attract native pollinators such as Monarch butterflies, wood nymphs, hummingbirds and bees. Moss phlox and Amsonia brighten the slow-to-waken perennial border Culver’s root, Veronicastrum virginicum, forms elegant spires framed by Monarda sp. and meadow rue, Thalictrum pubescens. Late spring and the tall perennial border is just getting started with Ziza aurea. […]