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Cardamine diphylla (Toothwort)

When we first began putting together this list of pollinator-friendly plants, we wanted to include species that are less well known, and could use a moment in the spotlight. Cardamine diphylla (Toothwort) is one such plant.

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Here’s To The Pollinators!

As we begin preparing for the spring, excitedly scrolling through plant availability lists from our favorite nurseries and planning trips to the local garden center, we should take this season to look to our gardens as symbols of change and impact.

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Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC) is a nationwide call to action to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across America. The MPGC goal is to move millions of individuals, kids and families outdoors and make a connection between pollinators and the healthy…
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